I am a fifth year PhD candidate in Economics at North Carolina State University.  This website was created to give you an introduction to my academic work including research and teaching. I will complete all PhD requirements during the 2018 Spring Semester and will be joining the faculty at Boise State University in the College of Business and Economics in August 2018.

I have organized this website so that you can easily find information about me, my research and teaching experiences. An outline of my Research includes descriptions of my dissertation and all works in progress. The Teaching Philosophy page describes my goals in the classroom and how I work to ensure that students reach their academic potential. The Evidence of Teaching page contains descriptions of the courses I have taught while at NC State along with ancillary teaching materials developed for the classroom. Peer reviews of my classroom performance are also available and I have included student evaluations from all classes I have taught.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like information not contained on this site or if you have any questions. My CV is available for download below.

View Lee’s CV Here